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A precious gift from Chanah

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It was for the first time I heard about Chanah when our son came home from the US. Tzefanyah P and his wife had invited our son to stay at their place in Georgia.

We met Tzefanyah and Reyyna when we experienced Ariel1.

During the stay, our son, met several people, he experienced the Summit at Tampa, organized by Bney Yosef North America and he was there during a National Shabbat at South Carolina.

One of the persons he met was Chanah, a professional weaver, also known with the name Anita Heist. She would give him a beautiful woven tunic, but our son saw her investment therein, so he personally found out it was too much from her  to give it to him so he thanked her and let it. Chanah told him to create something for me, his mom and so we start with contact together.

Chanah asked me my favorite colours, picture1, she asked also what to weave for me… I was wondering that a woman who have never seen me, would give me something she worked with her whole heart, investing in time, thoughts and materials.

Special is also she put on two tablerunners, one for Reyyna and one for me. Two women, two sisters from the same household of the Father in two different countries.

During this proces Chanah and I realized ourselves we had more in common what we didn’t realize when we start with sharing.

Some people, friends, family do know her also. I have read some articles Pete Rambo wrote about her, illustrated with different pictures I have, so you can read from several sides and sources.


I will show you some pictures from Chanah and I of the tablerunner with the colours and design.

The family of Bney Yosef do have precious talents and gifts. We are just in the beginning to show it to eachother with the humble hearts of children who know they received it from a Father Who love them.

Shalom, Hadassah

Auteur: hadassah18

Wat ik denk dat ik doe? Op doorreis. Ik heb YHWH´s Instructies ontdekt die uitgelegd worden in ZIjn hele Woord, die ik Torah ben gaan noemen en daarbij bewust geworden om Zijn Woord zonder menselijke toevoegingen te toetsen. Ik had dat mijns inziens nooit kunnen ontdekken zonder Yeshua.Wie ik ben? Vrouw, moeder, getrouwd én ik heb m'n identiteit gevonden in YHWH´s Torah toen Hij mij liet zien dat er twee huizen zijn oa beschreven in Ezechièl 37.Omdat ik dat niet veel in onze taal tegenkom, dacht ik een stukje van mijn bevinden online te gaan delen,wat ik sinds 2007 daadwerkelijk doe. Ik hou verder van voedsel bereiden volgens de spijswetten en zonder schadelijke E-nummers, tuinieren, wilde kruiden en groenten, Hebreeuwse muziek, gelijkgestemden ontmoeten...enzo

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  1. Gorgeous!! What a kind lady!! ❤

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