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Is there a difference between evangelizing and sharing?

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When the Summit at Tampa was there and we read about declarations, especially point 8, in my view evangelizing was never my thing. Coming from an orthodox christian background I was introvert in explaning things about the bible and when I was lead to Yeshua’s Torah almost 30 years ago I had the same feeling. I shared not by program but by thoughts which came spontaniously in my heart.

Years ago I had a telephonecall with the Jewish social wellfare for information about volunteering.
They told me some things and I asked them what they allowed me to share and how.
Because at that time I already confessed Yeshua and celebrated the Moadim and I told her about that.
The very friendly jewish social worker told me the following words, that when I became friends with the jewish people I really could share who I was and what I practiced ,just like friends are doing.
After the telephone call I was volunteer for a few years to help jewish refugees in our country with the help of that friendly social worker.It was a very blessed time.

In the year of 2003 we went to Israel and there we had several spontanious meetings with people. Once we never forget..It was on erev shabbat and we were sitting outside in a park near the windmill at Jerushalayim.Than a young jewish woman was passing by with her little son and she was greeting us. We answered and spontanious we had a talk.She asked us too much about our life, faith, Yeshua etc.We shared like friends and she told us, she felt herself safe with us and when she would come she imagined herself she could feel herself happy in our home because of how we are.
We were wondering about this spontanious meeting the Father had arranged.

I am not the one who like to share in the style to convince people and especially not my jewish family.

That makes me think of the Summit at Tampa.
I really have enjoyed all the video’s news and pictures mispocha was were sending me.

Family…Bney Yosef North America is a part of my family in the whole house of Yosef.
I feel such a love for all my brothers and sisters who are a part of the mispocha, even when they are different and have different view on some things., like I have probably too.

I realize the thoughts of Ephraim and Rimona Frank in the process to the first Congress of Bney Yosef National and these thoughts were such a blessing and still are.

I want to encourage everyone to have the faith and love to give space/room to everyone who is in this process of regognizing the house of Yosef.
It is a life changing challenge.
We need the supernatural ahava of the Father to know which are stones and which are not to throw stones out and prepare the way.

May Abba YHVH help us and guide us and let we put our hand in His Hand to walk with Him and listen to Him what He wants us to do with a behaviour of surrendering ourselves to Him first.
Baruch ata YHVH

Yoch. 15:12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
Yeshayahu 62:10 Go through, go through the gates; prepare ye the way of the people; cast up, cast up the highway; gather out the stones; lift up a standard for the people.

NB How this movement will look like in the near future in all its diversity and different countries, continents and cultures cannot describe precisely yet. It has just start , our exile has just passed.

Auteur: hadassah18

Van jongsafaan hield ik ervan om wat ik zag te verwoorden. Er waren ervaringen die ik liever schreef dan ze vertellen. Min of meer komend vanuit de rechtse flank van het christelijk geloof zonder kerklid te zijn, kreeg ik liefde voor het geschreven Woord die ook wel bijbel wordt genoemd. Al jong was ik overtuigd van de Weg,maar wist, dacht ik, het juiste pad niet. Maar de Vader wist het en begin dertig was ik, toen Hij mij met een levensveranderende gebeurtenis bevrijdde, wat ik als wederomgeboren beschouw. Die ervaring maakte dat ik Hem wilde dienen, maar Hij mocht het bepalen en dat deed Hij. In 2007 gaf Hij duidelijk aan dat ik mocht gaan delen van wat ik van Hem ontvangen had. Dat onderwerp zag ik in die tijd zelden in Nederland en omstreken. Een groot verlangen is het dat de twee huizen spoedig één kudde worden zoals beschreven in Ezechiël 37 en andere verwijzingen. Ik ben gelukkig getrouwd, moeder en ik heb mijn identiteit gevonden in YHVH's onderwijzingen. Johannes 14:26 is een raad die ik hoog acht. Het geschreven Woord van YHVH krijgt prioriteit. Naast schrijvend delen hou ik ervan om hen die de wil van de Vader willen doen, te ontmoeten en heb een brede belangstelling. Veel verantwoorde onderwerpen hebben mijn belangstelling. Dankbaar dat Hij mij ertoe aanzette om te gaan delen, wandel ik mijn levensreis, vertrouwend dat Hij het wel zal maken. "En zeg de kinderen Israels dat zij voorttrekken" Exodus 14:15

3 thoughts on “Is there a difference between evangelizing and sharing?

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