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Europe-Hebrew with Hannah by skype

We met Hannah Nylund at the Congress of BYNC, held at Ariel / Israel. In the personal contact we received, she said she had plans to set up a Skype course in Hebrew for people interested in Europe with English as the language of instruction.

Recently I received an introduction by mail and that is how the idea came to introduce her.
I asked her if she wanted to introduce herself so that you get an impression of who she is and what she offers.

Klein formaat

Who are you you, where do you live and when started your interest in Israel and the Hebrew language?

I am Hanna Nylund and I am born in Finland and I live in Finland. My interest in Israel started when I was a teenager. When I was 22 years old I studied my first course in Hebrew, in an Ulpan in Jerusalem, Israel. Since that I have studied on and off in different places: in a kibbutz in Israel, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, at the univsersities of Goethenburg and Uppsala in Sweden, private lessons in Israel, Ulpans in Israel. I spend a lot of time in Israel.

Are you already active in giving lessons to other people?

I have been working fulltime as a Hebrew teacher since the fall of 2016. At the moment I have 48 students in the week, one private student in English and the rest are divided into small groups, 2 groups for Finnish speakers, 5 groups for Swedish speakers.

What result do people have after the first session of 8 weeks?

The study book works progressively and after 16 weeks we have gone through the whole alphabet and along the way learned both words, verbs, simple conversation and grammar.

How long will it take to speak a simple conversation?

8-16 lessons.

Why study on Skype?

The course takes place one hour in a week on Skype. The advantage with studying on Skype is that you don´t need to travel to the course place. It seems also that students are more focused on Skype, which make the teaching and learning effective. The students are divided into study pairs. With the study pair you practice during the week (for example on Skype) what we have learned in the lessons.

Other things about myself

My mother tongue is Swedish, my second language is Finnish. English is my third language, Hebrew my fourth.

Nederlandse versie:

Hebrew with Hanna 2019_EN.Winter-2