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He shall assemble

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We have had a blessed campmeeting with more and other people than the last campmeeting.

With all kinds of ages, background and personally history.

On wednesday some youth came and on friday afternoon the next group came to camp and on shabbatmorning a family arrived.

Because we see the Efraimites scattered even when they begin to aware who they are, we who for a while, are practising shabbat, moadim and stand in the identity, need to give an example to them who are in the first steps of this path.

When we as family are aware of some subtile enemies, like a pioneer wrote to us, we need to explain why we do like we do. It is not our intention that people follow what we do. Our priority is that people need to know the conditions of the path we walk. Sharing in a humble way about the ins and outs of this old path (Jer. 3:16) to Life.

We, in the Efraimite-camp, need to know Abba YHVH has given us the priestly part of Yeshua and they in the Yudah-camp have the kingly part. Yudah cant learn us, what they dont have and vise versa.

So only the Father can learn us both personally and apart from eachother. To go on visit and share as equals to eachother is a totally other situation.

So where we have prayed for, came when we started with parasha. Some short piece was spoken from Scripture and then a sharing started between eachother (all of the participants were there to expereince it) about history, about us, about out identity.

We had prayed for them who needed to come and we have seen the people who were with us, was the right setting to have this sprankling sharing. Together in this campmeeting we talked about the ten and twelve tribes, our identity and our growing into it… how we need to be and from  Who have the priority we can learn..,what a honour is before Abba YHVH. We searched for verses in Srciptures, talked about where to learn and how to walk…what our responsebilities are in the vineyard. From our view it was really an answer to our prayer for this meeting. We took a break and after we continued with other sharings to eachother.

The children continued playing in the garden, some of the young adults took the chance for a big walk in the nearby forest and others shared more personally to eachother about things and situations in the really daily life.

We started with meetings with the intentition to give the possibility to build family together. Abba YHVH once choosed a nation, also called in Scripture as betrothed Bride. This Bride consists of families that together form like a honeycomb. That honeycomb can only arise when the right ingredients are present and applied.

On yom rishon some others came, some messianics and some christians. we shared to each other that it is really nessecary to keep Yeshua in the centre of our practical life.

This flame inside about the position of Yeshua in the centre of our life is the only match/connection ánd bridge to reach out to other people beside torahfriends. Let us be aware that we are just in the very beginning of the awakening of the lost sheep! That reality will make us humble, because we received it from Abba YHVH through Yeshua, Who promised us Ruach haKodesh to teach us all His ways. We have a heavy responsebility to others who are just taking the first steps in the camp of Yosef.

During this gathering I receive several times the words from Isa 11:12 And He shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

We are thankful that the concept for Yosef is: to confess Yeshua, practising written Torah, love to the land and Yudah.

May Abba YHVH assemble the outcasts of Israel! Then we will experience an increase of Yosef. And we know the next verse of Isa 11, see 13….

Shalom, Hadassah





Auteur: hadassah18

Van jongsafaan hield ik ervan om wat ik zag te verwoorden. Er waren ervaringen die ik liever schreef dan ze vertellen. Min of meer komend vanuit de rechtse flank van het christelijk geloof zonder kerklid te zijn, kreeg ik liefde voor het geschreven Woord die ook wel bijbel wordt genoemd. Al jong was ik overtuigd van de Weg,maar wist, dacht ik, het juiste pad niet. Maar de Vader wist het en begin dertig was ik, toen Hij mij met een levensveranderende gebeurtenis bevrijdde, wat ik als wederomgeboren beschouw. Die ervaring maakte dat ik Hem wilde dienen, maar Hij mocht het bepalen en dat deed Hij. In 2007 gaf Hij duidelijk aan dat ik mocht gaan delen van wat ik van Hem ontvangen had. Dat onderwerp zag ik in die tijd zelden in Nederland en omstreken. Een groot verlangen is het dat de twee huizen spoedig één kudde worden zoals beschreven in Ezechiël 37 en andere verwijzingen. Ik ben gelukkig getrouwd, moeder en ik heb mijn identiteit gevonden in YHVH's onderwijzingen. Johannes 14:26 is een raad die ik hoog acht. Het geschreven Woord van YHVH krijgt prioriteit. Naast schrijvend delen hou ik ervan om hen die de wil van de Vader willen doen, te ontmoeten en heb een brede belangstelling. Veel verantwoorde onderwerpen hebben mijn belangstelling. Dankbaar dat Hij mij ertoe aanzette om te gaan delen, wandel ik mijn levensreis, vertrouwend dat Hij het wel zal maken. "En zeg de kinderen Israels dat zij voorttrekken" Exodus 14:15

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