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Between spring and autumn

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Between the seasons spring and autumn is the summer…


Between the appointed times of YHVH in spring and autumn is a time of going, waiting, preparing, purifying?

In the country I experienced an ingredient of testing the spirits was coming to all of us. Even when we didnt step in or didnt, we have experienced the influence of the test.

In the year of 1993 I had a dream about the love for our other brother in the house of Juda and the lesson I received was that the conditions the Father has given to that ahava could only be fruitful with His, not us.

It could have happened when I didnt receive that dream i would step in every initiative what came to my mind.

But the Father prepared me for a certain time…

Recently I was in the realm of the test and I have learned a lot.

Abba YHVH is mobilize an army with jobs, duties and a purpose. Depend on how we obey His Voice and be willing to surrender to Him only, will give us the next role.

Be aware that I mentioned about Fathers conditions, not ours!

The dream told me very clear that we need to practice prayers, practicing to understand from many voices, His Voice.

At the moment I see very clear which role the house of Israel out of the promised prophecy has. The written Scriptures have an order, not chaos.

When we recognized that order, recognize His Voice out of all sort of voices, because of Yeshua’s love, thén we understand the miracle about the ass who saw the messenger. read Numeri 22.

The Father can let dummies speak in very important situations, when wise men in their own eyes do what they think in their mind.

In my thoughts we are on a crossing point of our walk. It seems it is a life changing crossing point…

Choose we the destiny from Whom we received an open door to the Father or neglect we this precious Key  for choosing wisdom of men?

We can proof ourselves with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the Ruach haKodesh straight from Joh/Yoch 14:26

Joh 14:25  These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you. 
Joh 14:26  But the Comforter, which is Ruach haKodesh, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. 
Joh 14:27  Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 

Much more i can explain, but you can proof yourself. Wasnt it that Yeshua sended out the disciples to share with them they met to help them to grow up as a disciple like them, so that the family would grow?

This time we have the same call, let us go forwards under His banner and under His conditions to share what Abba YHVH has given to us by revelation.

Let us prepare, while the next wave of test will come…

In the midst of a hurricane it is quiet, so in the very center of Fathers heart it is full of joy, shalom and family related.

We can do our duty in the strength of Him, because me and my house prefer to choose Him Who saved us.

The autumn will surely come. he will forfill it like the prophecy is written in the Living Written Word from His Heart to us.

Baruch ata Abba YHVH

Blessed be Abba YHVH

Auteur: hadassah18

Van jongsafaan hield ik ervan om wat ik zag te verwoorden. Er waren ervaringen die ik liever schreef dan ze vertellen. Min of meer komend vanuit de rechtse flank van het christelijk geloof zonder kerklid te zijn, kreeg ik liefde voor het geschreven Woord die ook wel bijbel wordt genoemd. Al jong was ik overtuigd van de Weg,maar wist, dacht ik, het juiste pad niet. Maar de Vader wist het en begin dertig was ik, toen Hij mij met een levensveranderende gebeurtenis bevrijdde, wat ik als wederomgeboren beschouw. Die ervaring maakte dat ik Hem wilde dienen, maar Hij mocht het bepalen en dat deed Hij. In 2007 gaf Hij duidelijk aan dat ik mocht gaan delen van wat ik van Hem ontvangen had. Dat onderwerp zag ik in die tijd zelden in Nederland en omstreken. Een groot verlangen is het dat de twee huizen spoedig één kudde worden zoals beschreven in Ezechiël 37 en andere verwijzingen. Ik ben gelukkig getrouwd, moeder en ik heb mijn identiteit gevonden in YHVH's onderwijzingen. Johannes 14:26 is een raad die ik hoog acht. Het geschreven Woord van YHVH krijgt prioriteit. Naast schrijvend delen hou ik ervan om hen die de wil van de Vader willen doen, te ontmoeten en heb een brede belangstelling. Veel verantwoorde onderwerpen hebben mijn belangstelling. Dankbaar dat Hij mij ertoe aanzette om te gaan delen, wandel ik mijn levensreis, vertrouwend dat Hij het wel zal maken. "En zeg de kinderen Israels dat zij voorttrekken" Exodus 14:15

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