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Beside outside, inside of us will restore too

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When we properly read the promises the Father has given to restore whole Israel, we see some facts. It starts in family,mostly in the lonesomeness of the family itself. We have heard of families all around the world who have regognized the written Torah of the Father. Families who mostly came from a christian background became aware of their real identity…Israelites in the eyes of the Father.They realised themselves they weren’t the so called word “jews” and who were they?
They understood like Batya Wootten once realised she was named by the Father. This movement didnt stop with these pioneers, no, the process is going on…

With the knowledge came the question when will we return to our homeland… We also became aware of this second exodus and we can’t force. We need to look to the Father Who will manage this. It is in His Hand Yosef/Ephraim will become one with Judah. To the lost sheep of the house Yeshua came to redeem them…

We know there is a job to do ánd…
we aren’t prepare already

During months I have realized there is mucht more to hear, learn and act.Beside the process of restoration to return back to Torah, we need to open our hearts and minds, because of experiences from Babylon inside ourselves.

I am reading about feeling lonelessness and what purpose the Father has in mind when somebody experience this. It is for a reason it was allowed for that person to be alone, even in a crowd of people…These people are chosen to come to the place where Abba wants to talk with them to share His thoughts. Until acceptation we will not know the very reason why lonelessness is in our lifes.It is also a part to experience what it is to be in exile and release desires, longings while the call is to be in Babylon for a certain reason.

I am reading too about people with a high score of sensitivity and their sufferings. For them the Father has something in mind to be with them and share His thoughts of suffering. Our fther will have feedback from them who know about such feelings.

The fallen sukka isn’t restored. It is when Judah and Yosef are one.
That’s why Abba is knocking at our heart so that we become aware of our sufferings, refusions, rejections…He wants to heal us , only He can do it perfectly with His love and comfort.
I was thinking of an onion…when we peel the onion we see below the first one, the other one…and so are we. Outside we see the first one, but there are more until you see the deepest inner of the onion…so we are.
When the Father starts restoration, the deeper inner of us will restore too. Are we open for that part?
Are we hungry for wholeness? Are we prepared for a lesser omfort to win a better resolution?
We can pray for that special behavior!

Abba is looking for a people who want to sell all for buying that precious pearl.
He is also looking to them who want to step out in faith and trust in Him, while we don’t know the next call.

Our hand in His
is enough.

Jes 51: For YHVH shall comfort Zion: he will comfort all her waste places; and he will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of YHVH; joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of melody.

Avinu have compassion to us who aren’t aware that much of your precious love. Our feelings and emotions are poisoned by the system of Bavel. Help us to restore, Abba. Help us to allow you when you want confront us with negative experiences in our lifes and hearts, so that we will become restored in our inner,so that Your Lights will be shine that strong. We will give you all the honour.
Jes. 50:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of YHVH is risen upon thee.
Rom: 11: 36 For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever.Halleluyah.


Auteur: hadassah18

Van jongsafaan hield ik ervan om wat ik zag te verwoorden. Er waren ervaringen die ik liever schreef dan ze vertellen. Min of meer komend vanuit de rechtse flank van het christelijk geloof zonder kerklid te zijn, kreeg ik liefde voor het geschreven Woord die ook wel bijbel wordt genoemd. Al jong was ik overtuigd van de Weg,maar wist, dacht ik, het juiste pad niet. Maar de Vader wist het en begin dertig was ik, toen Hij mij met een levensveranderende gebeurtenis bevrijdde, wat ik als wederomgeboren beschouw. Die ervaring maakte dat ik Hem wilde dienen, maar Hij mocht het bepalen en dat deed Hij. In 2007 gaf Hij duidelijk aan dat ik mocht gaan delen van wat ik van Hem ontvangen had. Dat onderwerp zag ik in die tijd zelden in Nederland en omstreken. Een groot verlangen is het dat de twee huizen spoedig één kudde worden zoals beschreven in Ezechiël 37 en andere verwijzingen. Ik ben gelukkig getrouwd, moeder en ik heb mijn identiteit gevonden in YHVH's onderwijzingen. Johannes 14:26 is een raad die ik hoog acht. Het geschreven Woord van YHVH krijgt prioriteit. Naast schrijvend delen hou ik ervan om hen die de wil van de Vader willen doen, te ontmoeten en heb een brede belangstelling. Veel verantwoorde onderwerpen hebben mijn belangstelling. Dankbaar dat Hij mij ertoe aanzette om te gaan delen, wandel ik mijn levensreis, vertrouwend dat Hij het wel zal maken. "En zeg de kinderen Israels dat zij voorttrekken" Exodus 14:15

One thought on “Beside outside, inside of us will restore too

  1. It is very good that young adults in one of the two houses become aware…
    We do need them…Lets stand up and become family and from family a nation… While restoration already has started, we are hoping to connect with the other nation to be one as the whole house of Yisrael in His Hands…

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