Terug naar de Oude paden

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Bney Yosef is moving on


Since the first Congress Bney Yosef National we are not the same anymore like before.
Time for waiting is over, we can work in the vineyard in a way we never had expect.
All our talents are needed and when we want to dedicate to our Redeemer Yeshua (YHVH Who saves) He will send us out to do in the way we are able to act.
One big point is love, the ahava straight from Father’s heart, what open closed doors and reach out to people with many differences.
When we step in that ahava, His wisdom, knowledge and special understanding are following in all the activities we act.
His supernatural love is such a healing and refreshing to all people with a hungry heart for unity.

The words from Ezekiel 37 where is written that YHVH will make us one in the land are really a blessing.
In the land of our forefathers He will make us one as one nation, not before.
That makes us humble and full of love to all brothers and sisters who do have a love to Scriptures and dont see the full picture like us.

Recently we were at a conference of 119 ministries in the Netherlands and again we have experienced unity when we and others stepped in that special love and understanding of ABBA YHVH.

We dont need to change, we all have in common love to Scriptures, to Torah, to the land and to the Israelites.

When people like to know more let them take a look at http://www.bneyyosefholland.wordpress.com
We are writng there reports from what has happen and what has to come.
Mostly in Dutch, but it is possible to translate it by yourself.

About a few days Tzefanyah Pappas is coming. He has started the National Shabbat. You can take a look on youtube and also at the website http://www.nationalshabbat.com

We aren’t alone anymore even when we need to fly from far.
Internet is a blessing for all of us
Above that….all honour to ABBA YHVH