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The famine is over….

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He will likewise startle many nations.

Sovereigns shut their mouths at Him,

for what had not been recounted to them they shall see,

and what they had not heard they shall understand.

Isaiah / YashaYahu 52:15

The Famine Has Ended!
The OLD WINE in your heart will not tolerate being in the presence of NEW WINE. If you are thirsty, come and drink. The famine of Yahuah’s Word is over. Before His Word could not be found because translators had torn His Heart out of it. His Heart has been restored to one translation: The Besorah Of Yahusha Natsarim Version (BYNV). The abstract wineskin is your heart (inner mind).

You will read information here that will be disturbing to your wineskin; but then joy will replace the bitterness.

This new English translation of the 66 books of Scripture is going to make waves, as literal Hebrew-to-English words (about 30 of them) will be seen throughout the text for the very first time. The order of the books helps the subject matter to flow smoothly, as you will see when you end 2 Kronicles and go straight into Daniel. “In the beginning . . .” begins the Natsarim Writings with the memoir of Yahuchanon, rather than the traditional opening memoir of MattithYahu. Opening with MattithYahu reinforces the stronghold of “Christmas” which is locked into most people’s minds; but MattithYahu’s objective of recording the birth of Yahusha is tied to his objective of showing the lineage and legitimacy of Yahusha as Monarch, descended from an unbroken line of monarchs.
As I jumped into this endeavor with both feet, relying solely on the guidance of Yahusha every minute, even with years of uncovering shocking and hidden truths, the discoveries I made were so profoundly challenging to tradition that I wrestled over whether or not they should be used in this translation. Of course, Yahusha won that easily, so the words and truthful SPELLINGS of them are there, and may open many eyes, and close others. The outcome will be based on what is in each heart; love, or hate.
The broad span of history, and the distortions of language, will come into clearer view. In all of this close work with the Hebrew, I had to stretch and allow the Light to clean-out dregs of old wine that needed to be purged. The Truth of Yahuah’s Words made me aware that even with a new “wineskin”, the “new wine” continues to make changes in our hearts as it takes its course. The Word of Truth cleanses, and renews the human mind to agree with Yahuah. The entanglements with the apparatus of evil (false teachings, leaven, human traditions) can be severed through our decision to choose Yahusha instead of the world, however the cleansing of our hearts is a process as Yahusha’ Mind replaces our mind with His.
There are things in this translation that no one has ever seen before, and at first some will have thoughts arising from their “old wine”; but those who persevere will be truly blessed. There was a previous “Besorah Of Yahusha”, and was the beginning of this project. A Christian seminary student worked with the text, basically restoring the Personal Name of Yahuah to the palaeo-Hebrew letters. Now, Yahusha has allowed one His Own Natsarim to work with the text, so it can be said this is the first Natsarim Version translated into English. Every translation in history, from the Septuagint to the Latin Vulgate, to Wycliffe’s, to Tyndale’s, to the Geneva, to the Authorized Version, and all the modern versions of today, are all interpretations from Hebrew into Greek, Latin, German, Old English, Spanish, and so on. An interpreter “translates” the meaning of a source language’s word into the target language, and we call them “translators”. Idioms become problematic, but even literal meanings bear the imprint of the translators’ understanding of them, based on the “old wine” in their wineskins. Each new translation becomes more pure, and as more Light is given, there will be more improvements. To convey Truth with absolute accuracy will bring understanding, and the big picture will appear in the hearts of all who receive the Living Water of Life. The Living Words of Yahuah are the world’s most valuable Treasure, and they are about Yahusha, the Living Word that became flesh. To follow Him is to choose Him over the world. To not follow Him is to choose the world.
The wineskins, and old wine, are briefly explained at the beginning, and ending, of this translation.


“This is written for a generation to come,
So that a people to be created praise Yah.”

Tehillim – Psalms 102:18

The Message (Besorah) of Yahusha; have you heard it? Repent, for the Reign of Yahuah draws near! 1223 pages (approximately) – 6” X 9” soft cover edition [includes Glossary of Terms] You are welcome to send pre-orders to reserve a copy of the first run. Send a check or money-order for $40 (price includes $11.00 shipping & packing for domestic shipping – overseas shipping will add another $11.00, $51). This offer is to expedite the printing expenses a little, so this helps immensely if you are moved to order in advance. We expect the first printing will be ready to ship by late August 2013. With limited funds, we need advance orders, and help from those moved to add more in order to see this have a thundering impact at its first arrival in the world.

Torah Institute
POB 436044, Louisville, KY 40253
To pre-order a copy online NOW:

We have stepped through the threshold of a new period of awakening as Yahusha pours out His Spirit on ALL FLESH. The distress of nations, and YaAqob’s trouble is just ahead. The Natsarim are crying on “Mount Efrayim”, the call to go to Tsiyon, the City of Daud: “For there shall be a day when the Natsarim* cry on Mount Efrayim*, ‘Arise, and let us go up to Tsiyon*, to Yahuah our Alahim*.’ ”

*Natsarim: watchmen, guardians, branches (of Yahusha’s teachings), first followers of Yahusha.

*Efrayim: General term for the northern 10 tribes, named after the lead tribe, usually spelled Ephraim.

*Tsiyon: the City of Daud, a few acres just to the south of the Temple Mount.

*Alahim: ALEF-LAMED-HAY-YOD-MEM; The English could also be rendered Alahyim, and is a pronoun meaning mighty-one.

The initial reaction for most is to be repulsed by the component “ALAH”, as is used as a pronoun by the Hebrews from the “other side of the family”, or those who speak Arabic. Look closely at the Hebrew letters above that make up this word; the Masoretes and their vowel-pointing “fixed” a new uniform method of vocalization for letters and words. By “fixed”, I do not mean “repaired”; they set some things straight, yes, but others they altered and corrupted. The Arabic word for “father” is AB, yet the modern Yahudim pronounce it “AV”. The Arabic for “mother” is “UM”, and the Yahudim say “EM”. Both of these language groups are HEBREWS, and derive the bulk of their language from Abraham. We could be making a huge mistake by dismissing one of these groups over another, until we reason together, with Yahuah, what has happened. One of these two groups was never sent into the nations to have their speech corrupted by foreign languages, and the other group retained the purity of the Hebrew. Although the Arabic tribes (the 12 descended from Yishmaal) became idolaters and departed from their brother,Yitshaq (Isaac), they still speak the original Hebrew words, and name their children Yusef, Daud, Yishmaal (all are in Scripture, and are Hebrew), Yaqub, Adam, Quah (Christians call her Eve, like in the KJV), Ayub(Christians say “Job”), and so on. The word ELI is accepted with open arms, and yet it is spelled ALEF-LAMED-YOD; the Arabic is ALI. Which is it, Eli, or Ali?

Yahusha cried out the first verse of Psalm 22, “Ali, Ali, lama sabakthani?” in Syraic Aramiac; not “Eli, Eli”.

How do we know? Because the Masoretes had not yet corrupted the vocalization.

Already, you can see where this is going. Being scattered into the nations has had its consequences on the one group, and not the other. The Besorah Of Yahusha restores the correct Hebrew-to-English, and may be of help to those trapped in their worship of the moon-deity to help them come back home to the faith of Abraham, Yitshaq, and YaAqob. In short, the Masoretic blinders are removed, and you will be pierced in your heart with pure Truth.

“So then, have I become your enemy, speaking Truth to you?” – Gal 4:16

It really matters what is poured into the wineskin of our hearts; Old wine, or new wine. This translation is new wine, free of leaven (human traditions), straight from the Source of the Restorer Himself, so that we can become part of the team of rebuilders:

“Then Yahuah will guide you continually, and satisfy your being in drought, and strengthen your bones. And you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. And those from among you shall build the old waste places. You shall raise up the foundations of many generations. And you would be called the Repairer of the breach, the Restorer of streets to dwell In.” – Isa 58:11, 12

Here is the most revealing explanation of what has been going on: “See, days are coming,” declares the Master Yahuah, “that I shall send a hunger in the land, not a hunger for bread, nor a thirst for water, but for hearing the Words of Yahuah.
And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east – they shall diligently search, seeking the Word of Yahuah, but they shall not find it.” – Amus 8:11, 12

The Living Words are able to be found among Yahusha’s Natsarim; He is in His Hekal (His body of Natsarim).

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Ruach says to the assemblies.” Rev 2:7

Have you been driving a KJV?
You don’t drive the Besorah;

For an example of another word that doesn’t belong, take the word “Bible” ; it is not in the text anywhere, but it’s on the cover, because tradition keeps it there. Biblia was a fertility deity whose shrine was in the city of Biblos, which happened to be a city whose main export was parchment made from flax. So, does it follow that the Word of Yahuah is to be referred to by the name of a pagan deity? It emerges as “biblion” in the Greek, as “Byblos” was the name of the city where the shrine was. When referring to “scroll”, we could simply say “sefer”, or even “scroll”; the Words of Yahusha also refer to themselves as the Writings of Truth (Danial 10).

Check Revelation 20:12, and you’ll discover the Greek word “byblion” is used for the Scroll of Life, but again, that’s a Greek word, derived from a Pagan deity. The Yahudim would not typically learn Greek, since it was filled with so many idolatrous words like this; but people today do all these things without ever knowing about them.
Here’s another oddity:

Words are spelled using the Greek “ph” in them, instead of the straightforward letter “f”. Why so much Greek influence? The Hebrew name most render “Joseph” has several of the above-mentioned oddities. It should simply be “Yusef” when transliterated, but where is the version that does it that way? Yusef means “Yahuah has added”. Words mean things. The meaning of many Hebrew words and names are explainable, and add depth to our understanding.

Favour, Peace & Blessing to you all our dearly beloved Brothers & Sisters . . . .
All our love in Messiah Yahusha,

STARK-RAVING-REVIEW: “I began reading the electronic version of the new BYNV Scriptures to our four young boys to calm them all down as they go to sleep last night (I started in Yahukanon). Every few minutes my eldest son said “Daddy why have you stopped reading?” I hadn’t realised i’d stopped, my attention had become so focused on what has been called NEW WINE. There are different names and different spellings that I wasn’t used to. It didn’t look right to me but it was actually my mind stretching to allow for the NEW WINE to be poured in. It is an amazing new version. The word and message just jumped right out at me. It is by far the most accurate and powerful version of Scripture I have ever felt as I read it and I want more. Thankyou Brother Lew for your dedication and the agonizing pressure you have endured to be able to produce such an amazing publication with and for Yahusha. Check it out everyone……..if you are truly hungry for new fresh wine you will never go back after reading this Gem”
…..Mark Davidson

Our mailing address is:
LEW: order@fossilizedcustoms.com
PHYLLIS: phyllis@torahzone.net
MARK & AMY: davos2730@gmail.com


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